Planning a Bridal Shower Worthy of a Queen

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Pretend your Pippa Middleton: ¬†you’ve got the glory and fame that comes along with being the maid of honor in your sister’s wedding. Or maybe you’ve just somehow been stuck with the duty of throwing the bridal shower. While it is tons of fun and totally worth it to celebrate the bride, it can be a little stressful to plan a bridal shower all on your own! Take a cue from some of these tips to make this shower simple and elegant!

The Guest List

Making sure all the key players are invited to a bridal shower is a must. This isn’t like any other party where simply calling up some friends will be enough. Make sure you talk to the bride and ask her who is on the must-invite list to avoid hurting any feelings or forgetting someone important. This usually at least includes all female family members and close girlfriends, but can also be extended to every woman who will be invited to the wedding. Again, make sure you do your homework to avoid any flubs on your end.

The Invitations

Real bridal shower invitations are totally necessary for this type of affair and super simple to order online. You want to make sure all of the guests have all the right information (including time, date, and registry lists) to make sure everyone is on the same page. Bridal shower invitations can be matched to the wedding colors to keep with the bride’s vision or can be simple and elegant to reflect the tone of the shower itself! For my cousin’s wedding, I bought bridal shower invites from PaperStyle and they turned out beautiful–so that’s a good option!

The Food

Providing food for this type of affair can get expensive. If you don’t think you can swing it all yourself, consider getting the whole bridal party to chip in or ask close family members of the bride if they want to contribute. This can either be through splitting the tab at a restaurant or everyone working together to create a nice brunch spread. If you make the cupcakes and the other bridesmaids make fruit trays and cheese and crackers, all you need is the mother of the bride or groom to supply some fun beverages! Also, having the shower at a non-meal time can help keep things easy.

Planning a bridal shower can seem like a big undertaking, but some simple planning and using your resources can truly help you pull off a great celebration for the bride-to-be!

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